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About the Painting

Awed and inspired by a visit to Monet's home near Giverny, France, I planned a series of paintings. However, fearing that motivation might not carry through to finish several paintings, I worked through a montage concept.

For many years my favourite artworks were painted by the Impressionists of which Monet is one of the greatest. I would like to paint like the impressionists, but my paintings usually evolve into images much closer to photographic. They are "too fussy" and I know that, but I love painting details . . . so these 7 paintings took over 2 months to complete.

Each composition was carefully selected and arranged based on many photos taken on site. The resulting montage provides a sampling of the impressions of Monet's Place which continue to be the most precious memories of my 2009 trip to France.

Acrylic - 36 x 48 on canvas $2,150

Monet Montage